A downloadable game for Windows

Fight Raiders as you navigate through a dystopian world just to reach the next Oasis. During your travels you can find weapons, ammo and money to help you fight. Each Oasis will have traders to help you in your struggle against these Raiders, be it upgrades or ammo, you can buy it. Be careful you aren't the only one with a gun.

This game is a Prototype. Bugs may be present.


WASD for movement;

mouse movement for direction facing;

Left click for shooting;

E to change weapon;

Q to Change weapon other direction;

F to pick up weapons, or interact;

Install instructions

Download the zip file and then Extract it. Then all you need to do is click the executable and you can play the game. It is recommended that you play on full screen.


Wasteland Oasis.rar 13 MB

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